Dale Norman Reeves, CFI Presents

Key Note Presentations

Inspire People to Greatness

Inspire People to Greatness is Dale’s number one requested key note presentation. 

Dale spent 20 years researching and developing the Reeves Connection Method. 

Dale will teach your group the steps required to make a meaningful connection with another person.  This is a powerful method for connection in a conversation, which is effective both during interrogations and in any other conversation.  Dale's method brings amazing results in both high-conflict conversations as well as in everyday communication. 

Have you ever walked way from a conversation and said to yourself, “Why did I say that?  That was stupid to say!”  You will learn why we say the things we do.  And, you will learn how to start saying the right things. 

Inspire People to Greatness sets the foundation for open communication in your life, your family, and your company. 

People consistently say Inspire People to Greatness has changed their life!



I Make Happiness

I Make Happiness is all about putting Inspire People to Greatness into practice in everyday situations.  Dale uses a customer service model to demonstrate the practical usefulness of this powerful communication technique. 

You will learn three techniques for inspiring your family, your team and your customers:

  • The Power of Communication

  • The Power of Words

  • How to Ask Questions 

These are three topics in which an interrogator has an enormous amount of skill. 
You will learn how to take control of a conversation without the other person even knowing you are in control. 

You will learn the real meaning of the everyday words you say.  Words that actually cause your family and team to lie to you.  That’s right, most of us are teaching people to lie to us by the words we say to them and the questions we ask.!  Learning how to ask the right questions is extremely important in every aspect of life. 


You will learn how to create virtues in other people.  That’s right.  Most people have never even heard of this concept before, let alone attempted it.  People say that learning how to create virtues in others is extremely valuable. 

Emotional Influence©

Have you ever cried a tear, or gotten a little emotional, during a TV commercial?  If you have, you were emotionally influenced in less than a minute.! (And maybe all they were selling is soap.)  If you respond emotionally to a story told in a 30-second commercial, don’t worry.  That's what makes you a virtuous person.  It’s a good thing. 

What’s the difference between a good training program or an exceptional training program? 

---Emotional Influence! 

Having a good balance of emotion and logic is essential.  However, 98% of us learn principles and values through emotion. 


Every company has a set of values they require team members to adhere to or uphold.  However, these values are usually taught with logic and bullet points.  Astonishingly, we treat most people as though they were psychopaths.  Psychopaths?  That’s right.

From the world of interrogation,  we learn that psychopaths are influenced by logic, not emotion.  But, 98% of the world's population are not psychopaths.  Why then do corporations use training that is solely based in logic and bullet points.? Logic is the method you must use to influence a psychopath.  Unless you think you have a company full of psychopaths, your training should not be logical, it should be emotional. 

If you ever wondered why your company's training has fallen short in  influencing your teams' behavior?  Now you know why.!

Think about something you remember from the last training you attended.  More than likely,  what you remember is a story that was told.  Dale will teach you how to tell stories that will inspire the greatness you desire in your team.  You will learn how to communicate by telling stories that impart the value you want your audience to understand. 

Truth or Deception

Is that person telling me the truth?  Everyone has asked themselves that question at least once or twice before.  In Truth or Deception, you will learn how to tell if someone is telling you the truth.  Although, Inspire People to Greatness is the most powerful presentation you may ever hear, Truth or Deception is definitely fun and insightful.  

You will learn about:

  • Body language

  • Expressions

  • Micro expressions

  • Qualifiers and Modifiers

  • Words

The next time you ask yourself if that person is telling you the truth or not, you will not only be listening for words, but making use of all five areas of listening. 




Small Groups

Do you run a large or small company, a city or nonprofit?  Every organization needs powerful communication. 


Real, meaningful communication hardly exists in today’s organizations.  Most of us spend more time on our mobile devices and computers than communicating with our teams.  How do we start a meaningful conversation with a millennial if we are a Gen X, or vice-versa? 

Your team knows more about your business than anyone else.  Most likely, they have insight into what is holding your company back from its next big leap.  Dale will teach you how to create a culture where innovation is valued and where open and honest communication exists.  When individual team members are personally invested in your company, efficiency and profits rise!  When team members feel that their input is not valued, turnover increases and company leadership spends most of their time 'putting out fires' instead of building business.

Your employees are intelligent.  Each one of them holds a wealth of knowledge and innovative ideas that can transform your business!  Knowledge is power.  Knowing how your team thinks and what they think about is invaluable.  Dale will teach you how to open up  communication, so you have the knowledge and power to take your business to the next step.  

Leaders usually mean well; but meaning well and getting extraordinary results are completely different.  Do most leaders inadvertently teach their employees to be dishonest?  Yes, they do.  Learn how to stop teaching your team to lie.  Discover what questions will cause them to dig into real life solutions for your business. 

Create powerful communication in your company.   You can't compete without it.


Dale's workshops take learning to another level.  Hearing a presentation can be powerful and inspiring, but Dale’s workshops give your team the chance to practice the new concepts he teaches.  During the workshop, your team will be able to interact with Dale and learn how to put these powerful concepts to work immediately in their lives.  Dale breaks down his training into over 15 workshops. 

The most popular sessions are:

  • Connection training

  • Make your Company Values Training memorable and effective, by incorporating the power of Emotional Influence©

  • The three Do-Nots of Communication

  • Interrogation Training

  • How to Conduct an Investigation


Hire Dale for one-on-one training.  Get your questions answered immediately.

This training is powerful.  This is for the person who is serious about transforming their communication into something unrecognizable. 

If there are four people talking together at a networking event, how will you make a meaningful connection with them?  What is your method?  How are you remembered? 
Hopefully, “Hi, my name is…” is not how you introduce yourself. 

Most of us have never had any training in how to have a one-on-one conversation.  We just simply learned how to walk and talk.  Maybe that is why 85% of people have low self-esteem.  No one knows how to truly connect with them. 


Make yourself stand out!  One-on-one training is for the serious individual that wants to know how an interrogator gets people to open up. 

Every one of Dale's Certified Forensic Interviews begins with the suspect thinking to themselves, “I am not going to tell him anything.”  Yet, Dale has a 100% confession rate. 

Learn how it’s done.  Do you have someone in your life that has refused to talk to you?  You can benefit from the One-on-One training. 

Do you have a big sales presentation to make?  Learn how to make a connection with the other person through Emotional Influence.


Do you have a large business deal to make?  How can you tell if the person you are dealing with is trustworthy?  Is the person you're placing your trust in being honest or deceptive?  Let Dale sit in on the conversation and he will give you his opinion on just how trustworthy this person and deal might be.  And he will tell you why?  How much could a bad deal cost you?